Existential Bullshit

by Brandon Frye



DLO#007 - "Existential Bullshit" by Brandon Frye

Originally released on June 22, 2012, this is Brandon's debut solo album, recorded and mixed at home, in the preceding months and in some cases, years.

Dismal and at times bitter, the songs duel with themes of God, love, modern societies, and an undefined internal struggle- the Existential Bullshit that makes up most of our little breakdowns in life. Somewhere, the rock band Kiss, the naivety and idealism of youth collides with reality and things get confusing, blurry, disenchanting. This song cycle deals in the intimate elements of that struggle from the mundane to catastrophic.

Although the primary instrument on this record is an acoustic guitar, this is hardly a typical "folk" record. layered with odd sounds, sprinkled electronics, the ambient sounds picked up from the home recording method- the lo-fi production sort of becomes a player on the record- pair with brandon's voice to create a very specific, and unique sonic landscape.

Brandon currently plays with Superbomb & Factory Girls, and also maintains a semi-active electronic project, The_Pages.


released November 4, 2012

All songs written, performed and arranged by Brandon Frye
Additional instruments on "Everything Will Be Alright" by Greg Aubry and Steven Gamburd



all rights reserved


Dead Letter Office Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Little Bird
little bird, you don’t wanna know
the troubles of my folk. just stay home.
fly south in the winter, sing a song in the spring
don’t speak the language, no hate to breed

cuz i’m a virus, same as my ball and chain
same as the suits in the towers and my garbage man
got no love for our mother when daddy’s a no show
fighting and feuding, masturbation and game shows

we’ve got our secrets and tongue rings, vices and pipe dreams
prescriptions and cold feet, egos and fake meat
but we’ve got our songs and smiles and heartache

which way do you go when nowhere is home?
takes money to get there, it hardly seems fair
little birds get to fly free from worries and why’s
cuz god will provide
Track Name: The Stairwell
i found the stairs leading up to the moon
behind the closet door in my old bedroom
and it was far too soon
you’re so modest
you are the wishing well after the spring
this is the glue that drips into our dreams
i don’t know how this seems

little hummingbird, don’t drift away
in one ear and right out the other
but you seem so attentive
you’re not so honest
he was a soldier boy tied to his steeple
until he wandered his way up the stairwell
i don’t know how this seems

they stare at walls while shaking heads
behind the foggy glass of their eyes
they say there’s no more time
it’s too tragic
we are the comet that chases the sea
we are the poison deafening the seed
i don’t know what i mean

at the base of the steps we kiss goodnight
pay the taxi man for his delivery
green’s his only language
but that don’t phase us
follow me to the room that never ends
you’ll forget how yester nights were spent
now you see what i mean
Track Name: The Motions
i felt you up last night on a moving train
baby, do you know my name?
i’m the boy that an angel lied to
so considerate to see this through
who the hell are you?
little miss lost trying to get found

why the hell are you hanging around?
please don’t say that you’re proud
i ain’t gonna change, sorry to say
it comes and it goes with the daily complaints
over and over again
‘til i get sore with the motions

i brush her hair, so sweet while she’s lying there
still not sure if i care
while you’re waiting at home, alone with the phone
and so it goes, no surprise to me
too aware of the cracks and the kinks
just trying to live it up while i can keep it up
Track Name: Stitched Up
there’s sickle cells hanging from christmas trees
as a reminder of the bastard i am
and for what it’s worth i have cried
i still bleed, i do
but the trouble is awareness
of the nonsense of it all

and who the hell are you to be anything?
who are you to be?

a kiss on the lips, i’ve taken everything for granted
pulling the threads ‘til the doll’s down and out
wound ‘em tight around every photo i owned
and did nothing with the moment
just bitched and moaned
how bout you? who’s to blame?
does it matter? do you care at all?

there’s misery stitched up in a pretty dress
with her hair done and legs shaved
calling my name
for what it’s worth,
i did try to turn away
Track Name: Should've
satin laid down where you left me
alone with the rats and the whores
a product of excess and regrets
what for

should’ve been catching a football
should’ve sealed the deal with a ring
should’ve been raised but wasn’t at all

spaghetti-strap on her shoulder
knowing what’s gotta be done
the cure for the illness
is the cause of the sickness

should’ve been writing a novel
should’ve been clearing a path
should’ve been guided but wasn’t provided

shattered glass on the pavement
your god didn’t even say hi
stuck with a blank stare
suffocating on thin air

should’ve been padding my pockets
should’ve been making you proud
should’ve hung myself with your wishes and kisses
Track Name: Twice My Age
going upstate for a weekend
cuz all i see is you
those walls kept tumbling in
and i’m feeling used
making bargains with the mailman
saying don’t come around
save the bills til’ next week
gotta leave this town

this highway’s filled with dreamers
seeing the same shade of blue
there’s a toddler in the car seat
is he sick of it too?
they say save it for next time
i’ve got too much to say
wishing i could be you, man
cuz i feel twice my age
Track Name: Everything Will Be Alright
my new best friend
not another who pretends
somebody like me but not really
he calls my bluff
knows i’m not strong enough
looking in the mirror is free
but accepting it all is not easy

which way did i go?
no control, no home, no nothing
something like fear in the way
who would i be?
just a bird, clipped and amazed
staring from a cage for days
a coward content not to change

who’s that i see?
cracks in his skin like the pavement
flooding them up with poison
quit staring at me
they hate me, i’m not pretty, i’m lonely
and i’m quitting tonight at midnight
and then everything will be alright